What's on that desk? 2009 edition

Eww, following up this rambling, here's the new stuff cluttering my desk right now, in addition to "the stuff that's always there":

  • two A4 spiral notepads
  • two A5 spiral notepads
  • another small notepad
  • assorted documents
  • four pens
  • three pencils
  • a book about Alan Moore
  • La Fontaine fables
  • a book about plants
  • ST TOS S3 dvd set
  • S2 & S5 dvds of Angel
  • S7 & S2 dvds of Buffy
  • MS Flight Sim dvd box
  • green cup
  • a magazine
  • joystick
  • amazon.co.uk receipt
  • flashlight
  • pocket digicam
  • cell phone
I must go out and shoot someting ASAP (with a camera)... or possibly tidy up. Ugh!