What's on that desk? 2009 edition

Eww, following up this rambling, here's the new stuff cluttering my desk right now, in addition to "the stuff that's always there":

  • two A4 spiral notepads
  • two A5 spiral notepads
  • another small notepad
  • assorted documents
  • four pens
  • three pencils
  • a book about Alan Moore
  • La Fontaine fables
  • a book about plants
  • ST TOS S3 dvd set
  • S2 & S5 dvds of Angel
  • S7 & S2 dvds of Buffy
  • MS Flight Sim dvd box
  • green cup
  • a magazine
  • joystick
  • amazon.co.uk receipt
  • flashlight
  • pocket digicam
  • cell phone
I must go out and shoot someting ASAP (with a camera)... or possibly tidy up. Ugh!

The final run

It has begun. Nine more episodes and nuBSG will be history, as long as live (?) television is concerned. Sometimes a great notion was especially plot-heavy, not surprising considering this was supposed to serve as series finale in the event no more episodes could be produced (it was the last one shot before the Writers' strike). It's a good thing it wasn't, though, because, honestly, it would have been a lousy finale. Yeah, stuff gets revealed but overall it's pretty low on the whys and the hows. As the beginning of the final run, it works, but it definitely raised more questions that it answered. With only 9 episodes to go, it is a little worrying.

Currently I'm trying to shut up the insistent voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me I'm going to be awfully disappointed by the way this show will end. I'm also very excited to watch how it all ends, so confused and conflicted...yeah, that's me when it comes to nuBSG right now.