ATP Challenger Barletta

A few chosen shot from the final, won by young Ivo Minar. This Challenger has been pretty prescient in the past (one name above all: Rafael Nadal won it in 2003), so best wishes to Minar to follow that tradition. Minar beat veteran Spaniard Santiago Ventura, tired after a long semifinal against countryman David Marrero and the doubles final, both on Saturday (Ventura won the doubles with Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo). The final wasn't the best match of the tournament but it was entertaining, strong wind notwithstanding. I had a great time finally shooting to my heart's content for the first time in the week. Here's my favorite shot (with a higher dose of pp than usual):

And more of Minar: Ventura favored the drop-shot and Ivo had to scramble forward often enough for me to catch him doing it ;)
He also had a good laugh with the ATP Supervisor Carmelo Di Dio and Chair umpire Gianluca Moscarella at the end, waiting for his trophy. Both he and Santiago are playing Naples this week.

Sunset in Barletta

The ATP Challenger in Barletta is coming to a close. I had very little shooting time but I plan to make it up tomorrow morning for the Singles Final. In the meantime here's a little shot of the sunset behind one of the stands around the center court.
This tournament is played in a beautiful club but it doesn't have a real center court. The tournament could certainly gain a lot by adding a couple of showcourts to the five they already have. On the practical side of things, these courts are really good and well tended, it rained pretty heavily early in the week but the staff always managed to make them ready to play with minimum delays of the schedule. Well done, Barletta!This one above is going to be my new wallpaper for a while, I think. They're Malisse's feet, btw, he lost in the second round. Santiago Ventura and Ivo Minar will battle for the 2009 trophy tomorrow morning.