What's on that desk?

I wage a hopeless battle against clutter on my desk: every once in a while I tidy it up and in a few hours it reverts to its natural state of major entropy. So, just to amuse myself, I've decided to list, roughly once a month, all the stuff that's on my desk. Note: mine's a custom-made desk, L-shaped: the | is two meters long, the _ is 70 centimeters. So, there's a lot of space above it and also quite a lot below it (shelves, drawers, the like). A lot of space means a higher tolerance for clutter, which is good, but it also invites it more, since, well, there's space for it. Anyway, let's go:

Stuff that's always there:
  • A small metal shelf, holding from top to bottom: the ADSL router/gateway, a wireless gamepad, an external hdd and a usb hub.
  • lamp
  • printer
  • cordless phone
  • mouse charger
  • 4 satellites of a 5.1 audio system
  • a wood thingie shaped as a cobra that holds my headphones
  • headphones
  • another usb hub
  • a California Raisin figurine that looks like Michael Jackson during the Bad album era
  • monitor (22')
  • a table calendar with photos of kitties
  • 2 pen holders with pens (gasp!), pencils, eraser and the likes
  • mousepad
  • wired mouse
  • wireless mouse
  • keyboard
  • 5.1 audio system remote
Stuff that's there right now but has its normal place somewhere else:
  • buffy season 7 dvd boxset
  • angel season 5 dvd boxset
  • a green cup
  • a cat-shaped plate with a used tea-bag on it
  • digicam battery charger
  • digicam
  • assorted notepads
  • laptop
  • book on ancient Egypt's art
  • book of an Andy Wahrol's works exhibition
  • diary
  • flashlight
  • cellphone charger
  • house keys
  • pocket rule
  • newspaper
Under the table, always there:
  • drawers with assorted crap: old cd drives, ram chips, all manner of cables, blah blah
  • pc case
  • printer paper
  • photo paper
  • printer's ink cartridges
  • empty boxes of computer stuff
  • empty boxes of photo stuff
  • joystick
So, this is the sitch right now, fairly manageable and decidedly not messy, since I tidy it up this morning. How much worse will it be in a month? The experiment has started!