New gear, testing begins

Dear Blog, I finally cut out my indecision and pulled the trigger on a new acquisition for my gear. I'm now the proud owner of a brand new 70-200 f4 L. I debated long and hard whether to favor Sigma or Tamron f2.8 offerings for the same focal length and similar price.

Faster autofocus, QC, post sale assistance and, I have to be truthful, the allure of the 'L', all played their part in the final decision. Mostly autofocus and QC, since I bought it online and I didn't relish the possibility of having to send it back right away. That could still happen though, since I've barely had time to unpack it and snap a couple of shots just to see if it worked.

F2.8 would have been mighty nice, but this lens will be use 99 % of the time to shoot outdoor in bright light conditions. Hence, f4 will be enough (great to have constant aperture btw).

I'll be testing it intensely this coming week and I plan to have a blast with it. I'll still keep the Tamron (the new lens is intended as an upgrade for it) to use it whenever I want something light and cheap I don't worry about. But for the "important" stuff, like my tennis shooting obsession, the 70-200 is now my go-to-guy. I can't wait!