And so it begins...

Well, this is going to be my first post. And it doesn't have anything at all to do with photography. Because, Dear Blog (yes, I won't pretend I have readers), I will use you as a tuttifrutti rambling tool... what I mean is, I'll write whatever crosses my mind.

So now that we got that out of the way, I'll let you know that I spent half an hour choosing a template for you and went with the 'Minima Dark' because, I'm embarrassed to say, it was the easiest to modify the header for. I like it well enough, though, simple, clean and easy to read. Not sure about the background color yet, I may revert to the original black one. We'll see.

Well, Dear Blog, this wasn't much of a post, but it's the first. Things will improve. I mean, we wouldn't want to start with some wonderful witty entry and then being unable to follow, would we? No, better to begin at the bottom, so we can only improve from here. L8r, c-ya, and all those sort of things.